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Clear positive thinking - hope talks - monthly thoughts by Anna our Founder

Clear positive thinking - hope talks - monthly thoughts by Anna our Founder

Muddled thinking and the love of clarity.

I love being around clear thinkers and communicators. To me that is a strong focused individual who is very powerful. Also I think it is very sexy!

 I mean those that are able to extrapolate large complex information (both intellectually and emotionally) down to a well balanced and clear point that they are able to articulate empathically to another. I have added the word 'empathically' as if a person is unable to communicate empathically I would rather they kept their mouth closed, as to me empathy keeps us human, connected without judgement, avoids the establishment of hate or confusion (I know a lot to unpack there but not for this mailer otherwise it will be too long)

I don't really care if the point is not from my perspective but I love the clarity of the thinking and the empathetic delivery of it.  I suspect that these people have many 'thought storms' but are able to temper them and draw out logical arguments.  Along with the ability to really unpack the levels that are blocked to address the real feeling and need that is driving a position.

I can be a clear conscious thinker and my legal training has helped me do that, however when there are two many opinions, too much distraction, too much negativity, too busy, not enough time to process and be in the present I get a little muddled.  However once I am clear I just love that feeling of freedom of thought and all that needs to happen from there is to release it through conscious action.

I think the whole green movement can be so overwhelming and distracting. There is so much confusing information around what is eco and what is not. Unfortunately there is a band wagon of great business people who are focusing on the negative aspects of companies trying to be green rather than offering positive solutions to keep moving it forward. No one likes to be told off. Also many of the messages are not well thought out and the only clear point is the ' haha look what I have found, they are being naughty', which is essentially the ego talking  This has not happened to us but I see the trend happening and I believe it is not helpful to the cause.

I have been asked to do a Tedtalk style presentation at the end of September to around 300 people in a theatre in Auckland. I will be accompanied by 8 other amazing entrepreneurs.  Yes a little daunting and quite outside my comfort zone but the amazing part is that I am getting trained by Miriam from Naked Audience who specialises in training CEO/Entrepreneurs on impact speaking. My talk will be about the lack of hope that our young ones have for the future based on the retort around climate change. As you can tell above, it is one of my pet hates as language and messaging can effect how people see the world and more to the point can demotivate people to take action. 

Till next time - grateful
Anna Mills-Bordignon xx

PS make sure you check out our kitchen sub for your home or business. Great value and effortless

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Corporate Gifts - show your impact through us

Corporate Gifts  - show your impact through us

Over the years we have worked with many businesses through corporate gifting.  Products a business chooses for their customers says something about their brand. It is never been more important to make sure those choices are saying something good.

We have recently created a page on our website for more information on Corporate Gifting. Here is the link

We would love to work with more businesses this year for Christmas so please do get in touch and we can create an impact together with ease. Just email Sonya at

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Little messages of gratitude, more books - monthly thoughts by Anna our Founder

Little messages of gratitude, more books - monthly thoughts by Anna our Founder

Little messages of gratitude, more books - thoughts by Anna

I have recently met a lovely new friend who oozes gratitude and lives for the present which many people find difficult to do.  In my view they seem to live by pleasure, fun, gratitude, optimism and offering the good which is contagious.  I think starting and ending the day with gratitude is a lovely way to live life. In same ways it is not much different to the religious form of praying in the morning and at night. Maybe (from a very simplistic view) our mental health issues are due to the breakdown of these concepts. Like me on the couch, a little electronic message of love and gratitude bursts out a smile!

My gorgeous Norwegian friend who started her PHD in critical social thinking in trade has introduced me to Chantal Mouffe, a Belgian Philosopher  She reiterates again ( similar to Jeannette Fitzsimmon the need for limiting growth but links it more directly to the need to radicalise democracy). See below a quote from Chantal Mouffe.

'With the climate emergency, we have entered a new phase in which the struggle for social justice requires questioning the productivist and extractivist model. Growth has ceased being considered a source of protection to become a danger to the material conditions of existence of society. It is no longer possible to envisage a process of radicalization of democracy that does not include the end of a model of growth that endangers the existence of society and whose destructive effects are particularly felt by its more vulnerable groups.'

The readings by Chantal Mouffe are a little bit challenging and sometimes my small intellectual brain needs to read more straight forward books that I can easily read while consistently being interrupted by my lovely boys.

I am reading Atomic Habits by James Clear which is a much easier read. I have chosen this book because I have a few things to get through and I really want to make sure I keep time for pleasurable pursuits.

The key point in this book is very commonsensical - 'improving by just 1% is not always noticeable but can be extremely significant in the long run'. Then he goes onto more specific things like finding out what time of day you work your best and then ensuring you do not schedule any meetings over that time. So if I have turned you down in the morning for a meeting or coffee, you now know why! 

I do find sometimes the most commonsense things in life are the things that make life easy. But often we need to process these commonsense things in a different way for them to sink into our consciousness, whether by reading, watching, experiencing, listening or simply taking the time to smell the roses while engaging our simple little brains to bring into action commonsense.

Enjoy your month.


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Plastic Free July product eco-swaps with Munch - rise to the challenge this month

Plastic Free July product eco-swaps with Munch - rise to the challenge this month

It’s plastic-free July… choose to refuse single-use plastics, this month, and onwards! 

On our Facebook and Instagram, every day for the rest of July we're sharing plastic-free substitutes and WHY they are worth investing in. Our sister brand nil products are also sharing swaps for the rest of July… head over to their socials for double inspiration.

Remember, YOU have the power to influence change in where you choose to spend your money. We can influence plastic manufacturers and businesses; and have the power to inspire others with simple acts like using sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic in everyday activities.

Incoming… Nine simple, cost-efficient, eco-swaps that you don't want to miss!

PLASTIC FREE JULY: effortless eco swap #1

Instead of buying yogurt in individual snack pottles, buy a big tub, and pop it into our handy Reusable Food Pouches!

Munch has the easiest reusable pouches that allow refilling from the top - with no difficult corners where food gets trapped like other designs. These waste-saving pouches come in a handy five-pack, so they're perfect for school lunches, and you can freeze them for later! Too easy...



PLASTIC FREE JULY: effortless eco swap #2

How often do you throw out your dish brush and buy a new one? Monthly?
Well… those old dish brushes will be with us on the planet for over 100 years, trying to break down but just contaminating our soil. Swap to an eco-friendly Wooden Dish Brush. ♻️

Our 100% plastic-free brush range is completely biodegradable in home compost at the end of its life – how good!


PLASTIC FREE JULY: effortless eco swap #3
PEGS! Pesky plastic pegs break so fast anyway... invest in the Munch Stainless Steel Pegs and you'll never have that issue. 🤩

Made from STAINLESS STEEL, so they last for a long time, and will NOT get rusty. They may look small but they are mighty strong! They can hold jeans and double layered pants in the wind, no problem.


PLASTIC FREE JULY: effortless eco swap #4
Do you say no to plastic straws? How about paper straws? They go so soggy anyway...
Instead, treat yourself to this exquisite set of 4 high-end reusable drinking straws that will take enjoying a fresh juice or an ice cold cocktail to a whole new level! 🍓

Made for lifetime use, they won't end up in our oceans like their alternatives!


PLASTIC FREE JULY: effortless eco swap #5
Snap lock bags are so handy, right? Well... did you know there are eco alternatives that are just as convenient? We have developed your plastic-free snacking solution. The Munch Beeswax Snack Bags are ideal for snacks of all sizes, from popcorn, fruit and biscuits to nuts, seeds and crackers.

To use, close the bag by rolling it down and the warmth of your hands will seal it. Simply wipe them down after use and they're ready to be reused! 💛


PLASTIC FREE JULY: effortless eco swap #6
Do you wash up with dishwashing liquid? In plastic bottles? The ingredients in traditional dishwashing liquid are so abrasive on your hands - your skin and the planet will thank you for swapping to Munch Dish Soap Bars. ✅

This swap is a goodie, and SO easy to get your hands on. Our Dish soaps are available at Countdown and Woolworths stores nationwide in both NZ and AUS. Simply hold the soap under a running tap and boom! Your dishes will be sparkly in no time. Make the swap in your next grocery shop, you won't regret it. 😉


PLASTIC FREE JULY: effortless eco swap #7
We all know those yellow and green scourers - that pick up an awful smell. Next time you need a new one, swap to the Munch Natural Scourer.

It is a great alternative to synthetic sponges/scourers. Made from natural cellulose, this sponge is able to absorb water that's 18 times its own dry weight. PLUS, they don’t collect bad odours like other sponges, and you can safely sanitize them in the dishwasher. So say goodbye to those germy and stinky cleaning sponges. 🙈


PLASTIC FREE JULY: effortless eco swap #8
When you have leftovers, do you cover these with cling wrap or tinfoil? Instead... swap to our Munch Organic Cotton Food Covers.

They are reusable, and 100% biodegradable once you're done with them. PLUS - they save you money, as they are a one-time purchase - you can't just run out. 🌎


PLASTIC FREE JULY: effortless eco swap #9
Did you know that many disposable tea bags are made from plastic? Not only is this bad for our soil, but once heated, micro-plastics enter the tea we drink! Next time you're buying tea, make the swap to loose leaf - and pop it into our Munch Reusable Tea Bags.

Information about previously unknown secrets of home-brewed tea has been making the rounds on social media, and some surprising facts are emerging.

⭐️ First and most shocking, there’s actually plastic in many of the popular tea bags on the market.
⭐️As a result of this, you shouldn’t be composting these tea bags, as you’re contaminating the compost with non-biodegradable plastics.
⭐️Since they aren’t compostable or recyclable, they end up as waste in a landfill.

Making the switch to reusable bags can be easy and will work out cheaper in the long run! Loose leaf tea comes in such a huge variety of flavours too...


Go eco-warriors! Choose to refuse single-use plastics today. We hope these effortless eco swaps help to create new habits in your home. Make the world of difference, every day, in every way, with Munch. 💚

PS. don’t forget to enter our Plastic Free July giveaway over on Facebook or Instagram! you could win a whole array of eco swaps…

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Our mid winter gratitude drinks with the HQ team

Our mid winter gratitude drinks with the HQ team
A fun selfie taken at D4 Wellington.  So grateful to have such a fun, positive, highly capable motivated HQ team who I absolutely adore. I am very grateful for the years of loyalty and they have really shown me true care this year. I could not have got through this year without them! 
This wonderful HQ team consists of our Logistics Manager Sonya, Book Keeper Tania, Meg Hardie-boys Social Media, Kat Sales Representative and Anna Bordignon CEO Founder.
We have a number of other contractors who also work very hard for us. But this little occasion was just the HQ team as we share more than our dream of creating an iconic brand for New Zealand but also the ups and downs of life as we spend so much time together. It is so so nice to work with people you respect, care for and have fun with.

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