Organic Baby Wrap
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Babywearing means that you can be close to baby while at the same time manage your daily activity.  

Our Organic Baby Wrap helps transition baby from womb to world.  Close contact keeps baby near mum's beating heart and keeps the constant motion they experience in the womb.  

  • BABY BONDING our Carrier enhances your bonding with your baby by keeping your baby close to you
  • FOR ALL TYPES OF PARENTS from petite to plus size friendly. Our stretchy baby wraps are made from stretchy but safe organic fabric to enable it to fit 
  • ORGANIC as made from Bamboo. Bamboo has a higher breathability rating than other fabrics, so perfect for all seasons from hot summers to cold winters. Bamboo also has some natural anti-bacterial properties.
  • COMFORTABLE as can be adjusted as your baby grows and can be worn for extended periods. The perfect product to help you look after your baby while doing the household chores and more.
  • CARE totally machine washable and can carry babies from 8-30lbs (3.62kg to 13kg).

Before using our Baby Carrier it is important to read all instructions including the safety checks.  Also before you put baby into the Baby Carrier Wrap you should practice the different holds as shown below in our videos.  The following holds can be formed with our Carrier:  

  • Newborn Craddle hold
  • Newborn Hug hold (food for reflux and colic)
  • Older baby hold - baby facing out (feet in or feet out)
  • Back hold
Baby should also be feed, dry and happy before put into the Baby Holder.

Some key safety points below:
  • Baby must always sit on the X of the material.
  • Baby must be high on chest so close enough to kiss
  • There must be one finger space from baby chin to chest. 
  • Make sure there is no fabric over the face of baby.
  • Always check the breathing of baby
  • Always check to make sure baby is not sweaty or too hot. 
  • The carrier should be tight enough to hug your baby close to you.  If it is too lose the baby can slump down in the carrier and hinder breathing.
Each hold the stages are as follows:
  • Start with middle of wrap on tummy button
  • Make an X on back
  • Bring ends over sholder to front
  • Tuck ends under front panel
  • Make an X across front 
  • Depending on size you may need to wrap around again
  • Then tie with a double knot
  • Bring bottom band up as the third safety support

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