reusable stainless steel razor

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Our reusable stainless razors are completely plastic free. They will in fact last you a life time.  All you need to replace is the blades. 

The thought of safety razors are a bit scary but the reality is they work very well and aren't scary at all, of course you will take it slow for a start until you get the hang of it then you will be away, a cleaner, closer shave!

Plastic free - say no to all those plastic razors that will last in our landfills for ever.

Easy to use - just twist the bottom to open the top to load the blades. Then once the blades are no good just twist the bottom again to remove them.

Boy or Girl - great for both sexes.

Life time guarantee - we pride ourselves on bringing out premium quality products that last a life time. So any problems or concerns with our razors just send them back you will get a refund.  But we know this will not happen.

Product stewardship - Thinking what you should do with your old blades. Once you have 50 let us know and we will arrange to pick them up and dispose of them in the correct manner. We always consider the end of life of a product as this goes to the large waste problem we have.

nil waste please.  

For life time longevity please ensure you store your razors in a humid free environment and ensure you remove excess water after each use.