To assist with the high growth of Munch an Advisory Board was established in early 2016.  


Jacky Laverty 

Jacky is an experienced executive with a sound ethical approach to business, both socially and environmentally. Over the last 20 years, she has provided strategic advice, business development, mentoring, consulting, research and project management services for businesses, social enterprises and education-organisations in Europe and New Zealand. She has been the General Manager Europe for Icebreaker, Managing Director of FutureBrand Germany, advisory board member, founder and investor in European and NZ business start-ups, and currently, Director of her own collaboration & consulting company, Jax & Co.

Jax is a keen collaborator, supporting knowledge sharing to achieve better results for everyone involved. She’s inspired by infinite minded individuals that care about generosity, inclusiveness and inequality reduction.
Lately, she has focused her efforts towards organisations that enable healthy social change or support communities.

Colin Chapman

Colin is a Director of 360 Logistics Group which  have offices in Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North, Christchurch and Invercargill.  Colin has a wealth of knowledge in the import and export freight market.  Colin is a highly motivated by being alongside his customers while they grow from small beginnings into very successful companies.  Colin has a wide network of contacts that he enjoys making linkages. 

Bill McDonald 

He is a first generation Wellingtonian, born in the Capital and never found a better place to settle.  He is an entrepreneur accelerating the start-up enterprise Vapour; co-developer of the Hive a new concept in shared work spaces, an investor in growing artisan foodie businesses Bee Fresh Farms, the Crave Cooking School and Wellington in a Box, an economic, financial and commercial consultant with TDM Consulting; a sports enthusiast and family man who gets much enjoyment from what’s on offer in the city.

His passion is to make Wellington one of the most liveable cities in the world, by fostering collaboration and community building, and founded with three others who are as crazy about the capital.  He loves having the opportunity to give something back to local small business owners offering them skills, expertise and connecting them to a network of talented people only too willing to lend a helping hand.

He is  a low key but extraordinary networker, which allows him to build an ecosystem around a business to share resources and ideas; to match advocates and funders with entrepreneurs and innovators; harnessing and channelling the wealth of talent and opportunity that Wellington has to offer. 

Tim Copeland 

Over the past ten years Tim has helped shape numerous projects, working with a wide range of clients from early stage startups, to large public sector organisations around the world through his company SilverStripe. He is a graduate of Victoria University Wellington, being the youngest person ever accepted into their MBA program.
Tim was CEO of SilverStripe for its first seven years, and the Chairman of Unlimited Potential (Wellington's largest IT network), before stepping aside to focus on the international growth of the company. Tim also acts as an independent advisor for several private companies.
Tim has a keen interest in emerging technologies, both on and off the web. He’s passionate about bringing GIS technology to the web, building next generation ecommerce sites, and unifying business and customers via connected and self-servicing websites and internets.