star girl fundraiserWe really enjoy working with the community and we are always looking at ways to help.  So one way that we can help is to offer many of our products as fundraisers for your preschools, schools or clubs. We want to make your job easy when it comes to fundraising, these days who really has the time to sort, arrange and promote these activities.  We will also provide you with ethical, eco products that will help our kids and the environment by trying to keep our world green and clean.

An example of some of our products are the NZ made reusable Munch Litter-less Lunch wraps that will help our communities rid plastic -wrap which is so bad for our environment.

We are strong believers that fundraising should not only be about raising money but also – involve the community, consider the environment, be educational, be student lead and fun.  In respect to the educational aspect one of our Munch mums who is  a trained teacher has prepared a number of fun teaching units to support our offerings.  The units are for year 3-8 students and for 2-5 year old pre schoolers.

We have two cool fundraising options:

  1. One-off fundraising options (great for raising money for a specific event) through our Munch boxes.  You may have a fair or evening that you can use one of  Munch boxes to raise money.
  2. On-going fundraising through our Munch Litter-less lunchwrap stands that will remain at your place (small enough to sit on a school office counter) and we will take and deliver orders every month.

You may also like to consider some of our products for new entrant gifts to encourage the eco message from the start.  We can offer discounts for such arrangements. We can also offer general discounts through online ordering by affiliate selling on your websites.