baby feeder gift box

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- Silicone Bowl - Our well designed baby suction bowls have a scooping lip to make the transition to solids easier for your toddler. Each suction bowl comes with a matching beach wood spoon. The spoon tip is also made from BPA Free Silicone. By staying put (as a result of the suction cup base), this silicone suction cup bowl can assist toddlers during their transition to solids and self-feeding. These suction cup bowls for babies are ideal as a baby cereal bowl or an infant bowl, and the soft tip spoon completes the bowl set. This beautiful baby bowl will be a great addition to your existing baby suction bowls and plates. Guaranteed 100% highest food safety standards (LFGB), BPA-free, lead-free, phthalate-free, latex-free and non toxic silicon material. Dishwasher save and freezer safe.

- Silicone Food Tray - Are you unsatisfied with processed baby food and ready to make your own? - Tired of spending too much on expensive pre-made baby food and worried about the quality of the ingredients?- Looking for a simple way to store the food you have spent valuable time making?  Save time and money by creating your own baby food in larger batches and storing it in the freezer. Feel confident that the storage container will preserve the quality of the ingredients. Individual servings pop out easily and hard plastic lids snap on with ease and allow for convenient stacking of freezer trays.  9 x 2.5oz portions with 1oz/2oz volume markings offers the perfect size cubes for your growing baby. Fill the pods up to half full early on, and up to completely full as your baby grows. Silicone is naturally odor and stain resistant and free of harmful materials. The lid seals well to ensure that there is no leakage. It can also go in the microwave. The tray and lid are safe to use in the freezer,  microwave and dishwasher. Food grade silicone.

Size -13 x 13 x 3 (closed)

- Silicone Cup with Straw -The Munch Silicone Cup is safe, colourful, and designed to fit comfortably in little hands - and holds just the right volume for small pre-school tummies in one sitting. This straw is kid-friendly because the airflow is designed to reduce the amount of suction needed to pull liquids.

Safely Sourced: Our silicone lines are sourced from high-quality materials. Free from plastic, BPAs, and other harmful chemicals. All products are BPA-free, BPS-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free. Easy to Clean is dishwasher safe. Silicone is safe to freeze and to heat up to 200 C - so you could even serve smoothie or semi frozen drinks in summer. Safe to heat up and can be boiled to sterilise if needed. 

- Food Pouch - The side spouts make pouches easier for children to hold and can self-stand so are MUCH easier to fill from the top with a wide, easy fill opening. No messy filling contraptions required. Super tough quality pouch and leak-proof zipper. You can pop these in the freeze once filled. The frozen pouch can put into your childs lunch box to help keep food cool during the warmer months.