Bread bag
Bread bag Bread bag

Our reusable Bread Bag is designed to replace single use paper or plastic bread bags, plastic toggles and ties. All these parts just add to our worldwide plastic problem.

Our Munch Organic Bread bags are made from organic unique Munch fabric designs and they are actually made in New Zealand through our Outwork model.

They are perfect to use as storage for the home baker. Simply bake, allow your loaf to cool, slice and freeze in your reusable bread bag!

Hot Tip:  Most fresh bread purchased at a bakery or made at home is preservative free meaning that your loaf will likely only last 2-3 days stored on your bench top before going stale. To preserve your bread for longer it is best to freeze your bread when it is cool but fresh.

Ideally, fresh bread should never be stored in the fridge as this more moist environment can encourage bacteria to form along the surface of the bread forming mold.