dish soap

100% natural biodegradable dish soap. 

Totally bubble FREE.  

We have removed all the unnecessary ingredients to bring you a simple completely NZ made dish soap. No extra bubbles or scent as neither make your dishes cleaner. Rather the bubbles become a pain to take off your dishes and a scent can cause sneezing and frankly just get up your nose! 

Designed so you do not need a plastic bottle. It can be used in a soap shaker for washing your dishes or use your hand to shake the soap, also works great just rubbing direct onto a dish cloth. All our soaps are cruelty free, using recyclable packaging with a low impact on the environment. 

·      100% Natural Ingredients sourced from the Pacific

·      NZ hand made

·      Supporting local

·      Bubble Free

·      Scent Free

·      Saves approx. 6 plastic bottles

·      Once in use, keep it well drained to ensure longevity 

Size - 100g / ± 10g 

Ingredients: coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, baking soda. Unscented. Ethically made in New Zealand

 A perfect complement to our Munch eco dishcloths and wooden brushware.

Ethically made in New Zealand in collaboration with Figgy and Co