Gingerbread Aliens
Looking for a book for your 5 or 6 year old who is already an avid reader ready for independent reading and up to the challenge of a short chapter book? Says Author Sandra Bennett - "The idea for Gingerbread Aliens came to me while cooking with my own three sons when they were small. We attempted to bake a loaf of bread in our new bread maker which turned out to be quite a disaster! As the smoke billowed in our kitchen, we laughed and I couldn't help thinking, 'There is a story in that!' The rest of it just tumbled out of me from there. The three boys in the story are loosely based on my boys, although as mine have grown and matured they have changed quite a lot. Relatives can still see the similarities, however my boys would like to believe they are now nothing like David, Brian and Simon. I rather like the idea that a small part of their childhood is written into these characters." A fantastic kids book.