If Only They'd Told Me
NZ-based Jacqueline Lockington and Natalie Cutler-Welsh (above) have turned their blog into a book (and e-book), offering real-life parenting tips amid much hilarity and fun. Here's an extract, from If Only They'd Told Me: Babies, Sex and A Cup of Tea, that describes Jacqui's birth experience and the bumbling antics of first-time parents. 'It all felt very dreamlike, a bit of a blur. I didn't have a clue what I was doing. There was a sense that I had somehow changed and entered a different world. I also felt very emotional and blessed to have Charlie. I was physically extremely sore down below. I was walking like John Wayne and felt like I'd been beaten up.'

4/5 stars: The ideal post-partum recovery gift!
“A great gift idea to throw in a gift basket for the new mother! I like the fact that the two authors have totally different personalities and that they do the hard work of interviewing the experts for us and collecting all the tips and tricks of parenting!”
-Maria Regina Ward

 5/5 stars: If only I’d known!
“Really rate this book and will be suggesting it to friends… It’s written in a non judgemental way and had me giggling at others realities. Yay I’m not weird after all!”
-Judith Clarke

 5/5 stars: Hilarious and a great read
“The title really says it all – this book talks about all of the things that you really should know when you have babies & small children. It’s written in a way that made me laugh out loud (many times!) and also offers lots of fantastic advice that really works. I’ve read a lot of parenting books and this one is gold”.
-Sarah P