munch travel cutlery

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Say no to plastic throw away cutlery and carry around your own reusable travel cutlery set. Perfect for the car when on the go and back up for lunch on the run. An ideal accessory for the work or school lunch box.

SET INCLUDES Bamboo cutlery set includes 1 x knife, 1 x fork, 1 x spoon, 1 pair of chopsticks, 1 x straw, 1 x metal brush.

Cutlery made from sustainable bamboo. 

Durable flatware, bamboo has incredible tensile strength, so this cutlery set will be long lasting and easy to clean.

TRAVEL WALLET Travel wallet made from cotton outer and waterproof inner. Has a clip to attach to backpack, bag, belt loop etc.

Portable and convenient to use as wrapped in a cloth pouch. Great for travel, office, camping, ongoing to use.

PRODUCT STEWARDSHIP This set will last a long time as the cutlery and wallet are long lasting and durable! But in man years when you are finished with the bamboo cutlery is biodegradable so you can pop in the garden or compost, the cotton outer is also biodegradable so cut it off and then the nylon inner can be returned us here at Munch for the Usefully NZ Textile Recycle Scheme.