Nil Food Wraps
Nil Food Wraps Nil Food Wraps Nil Food Wraps Nil Food Wraps Nil Food Wraps Nil Food Wraps Nil Food Wraps
  • ALTERNATIVE TO PLASTIC the Nils are a great alternative to plastic wrap. Why do we cover our food in non natural products?
  • EASY FOOD STORAGE not only are they a BPA free food storage product but they are so easy to use. With the warmth of your hand the wax will enable you to wrap up your food easily. Then pop in the fridge, or lunchbox or wrap your homemade bread. The three pack contains a large size is 30cm x30cm, a medium size 30cm x20cm and small size 20cm x20cm.

  • EASY TO CLEAN just wipe down with a cloth and soap under cold water. Then wipe down to dry. Due to the wax surface residue is wiped off very easily. The perfect reusable food wrap.

  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIANTS AND REUSABLE the Nils are made from all natural ingrediants such as organic cotton, organic beeswax from New Zealand, Manuka oil from New Zealand, jobaba oil and the precious New Zealand propolis. These natural products make your food fresher! They really do wrap your food in love and quality.

  • HANDMADE all our Nils are made by Mums with love. They are not mass produced in a factory.

If edges fray, just trim them off. These wraps can also easily be cut down to your preferred size.

Please Recycle : Our Nil wraps are biodegradable in your compost.

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Emmys 2016 Gift Bag Product.

Handpicked to be part of the 2016 Emmys Gift Bags for the Celebrities in America.  

VOTED as one of the top picks in the Organic NZ Magazine

'The most organic ones we can find on the market are Nil wraps from Munch Cupboard.'

 Ethically made in New Zealand.