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Plastic Free July 2022 is coming

Come join us in Wellington City for a fun night of Plastic Free ideas, learnings, discussion and presentation from a number of experienced eco warriors.  Starts 7.30pm and will finish around 9.30pm.  

We will start with looking at rubbish generally and then move to how to make your home plastic free.  We will also have some quizzes and competition. Who will be the best recycler in town, will it be you?  You will also be able to learn how to make wraps, your own cleaning products and much more. So make sure you do not mind getting your hands dirty.

There will also be eco gifts on entry and spot prizes throughout the evening.  Along with a drink and some nibbles.  And a number of discounts on a number of products.

This year we will be joined by some amazing speakers from commerce, to government to advocacy.  We have it all.  Below is more information about our speakers.

Kate Meads - Waste free with Kate

A highly experienced advocate for the last decade and knows everything about waste. But she knows that we have to be 'real' and take one step at a time.  Kate has speaking events all throughout the year sponsored by our local Councils. Some of you may have attended some of her events, but don't worry she has more up her sleeve for us this month.  Kate is fun, entertaining and highly inspiring. We love her!

Anna Bordignon - Munch Cupboard and nil products

Anna our founder has run Munch Cupboard and both her brands for the last 5 years. She knows how to do the right thing at the same time she has been able to grow a successful eco business.  Hear more about her journey, why, how and why bother!

Laurie Foon - Council

Laurie has been a sustainable champion since her days owning Starfish, an organic clothing company that was ahead of its time back in the 90's.  She is now a Wellington Councillor who is highly engaged in the Wastefree arena.  

Sally-ann Moffat - eco stylist

Sally-ann curates sustainable style for the environmentally aware fashionista. As a personal stylist she gives you the tools to help you create confidence through style. With over 25 years in the industry across Fashion, Styling, Live Television and PR, she intuitively knows how to make the most of what you have. Using Sally-ann's knowledge and expertise, opening your wardrobe will be exciting and shopping will be something to look forward to.

Tickets will open in June 2022

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