toothpaste tabs

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Eco-friendly, organic, package-free tooth tablets are here!

These toothpaste tablets are fluoride-free or fluoride and have a natural menthol flavour. They come packaged in the cardboard box pictured and are shipped in reused packaging.

Scroll down for more information, ingredients and instructions for use.

    • Keep Tabs in dry place
    • Chew Tab but do not swallow
    • Wet brush and brush like normal
    • Rinse and repeat
    • For Ages 6+,
    • Keep out of reach of small children.


Microcrystalline cellulose (polishing agent), sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, silica, sodium lauroyl glutamate, magnesium stearate, natural mint aroma via menthol, stevia, xanthum gum, sodium fluoride (in tablets containing fluoride only), eugenol (a natural part of menthol mint aroma).

This is only available for NZ and Australian customers.

Made by DENT tabs.