unpaper towels
unpaper towels unpaper towels unpaper towels

Unpaper towels. What does that mean?  Reusable towels, not made from throw away paper. They are what our Grandmothers made many years ago.  But now we realise that our society has become a disposable one rather than a reusable one.  AND our planet is suffering. Become a sustainability champion with Munch and join the unpaper towel movement.

Our unpaper towels can be used over and over again. Just through them in the wash and hang them out with the Munch stainless steel pegs to dry. Then start using them again. Once you are ready to through them out, they will biodegrade as they are simply - pure - cotton!

We sell them in mixed design packs.

Our wooden towel holders will be in stock by the end of the month. These are perfect to store your towels on. But you can also keep your towels in the draw.

Size - 25 x 22
Material - cotton