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Why choose impact gifts for your customers

There is a growing movement of conscious consumers who are looking for brands that do the right thing and provide products that are beautiful and sustainable. Give a corporate gift that a conscious consumer would love and be one of those brands that care for our planet and the people. Partner with us.

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We work with over 30 women throughout New Zealand who make our beeswax wraps, sew our products and make our soaps. All these people would normally be excluded from work but we bring work to them. 

What we offer

Your Logo
Your logo can be printed or sewn onto the products. We make sure your brand is known.
Custom made in NZ
Majority of our products are made in NZ and if you chose one of our NZ made products we will highlight this aspect for you on your gift. Many corporate gifts are made off shore but we want to support those right here in our backyard.
We are also more than happy to work with you on bespoke items.
Share the good with an impact tag and story
Either on the product or on a tag we would showcase the social impact that you have created by working with Munch. Our social impacts range from supporting those that would otherwise be excluded from the economic world to be part of the production of your product through our unique Homeworkforce model. You can also chose from one of our international impact offers through our B1G1 arrangement. You may like to give one product at the same time to your chosen impacts. We would create and showcase this giving for you.

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2000 Organic Beeswax Food Wraps for Te Papa Matariki Celebrations

Products you chose for your customers say something about your brand.

It is never been more important to make sure those choices are saying something good.