Be part of our silicone recycling solution!

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Send back your silicone products that are no longer of use and we will collect it to be repurposed into new and useful products! 

Silicone Send Back is the first silicone recycling program in the Southern Hemisphere. 

At Munch, we are strong believers in leaving no waste from our products. We try our best to design and make our products to last (or made with biodegradable materials) and then put in place systems to enable products to be reused and recycled when they are worn out.

We have set up a pilot facility to get the Silicone Send Back project started. We can't wait to start working with local designers and artists on the next stage - to turn recycled silicone into cool new products made in NZ.

You can send your silicon products to us at our Wellington Showroom as we are the first ever collection point for silicon. Click here to organise a send back of your silicone now.

Now we need your help!

Get $10 for sending us your silicone

To get this new recycling program off to a great start we need to mobilise our Munch customer community.

Send in your silicone and we will provide you a $10 credit to use at Munch - our way of saying thanks for looking after the environment and helping our new recycling project.

So, check your cupboards, search through that nappy bag no longer in use and ask your friends - hunt out any silicone you’re no longer using and send it to us.

Any clean food grade silicone products that you are no longer using can be returned to us at Munch, to be included in this pilot recycling program. In your kitchen this might be an old spatula or silicone muffin cases, or a baby spoon or sippy cup lid (if it is silicone, not hard plastic). You can send back the silicone spout of an old drink bottle, or baby bottle teats no longer being used - please just send back the silicone part only.

Read more about silicone and the type of products that can be sent in on our FAQ page.

Let's work together to reduce waste in Aotearoa!

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How does the Silicone Send Back work?

Return any food-grade silicone product you are no longer using to us at Munch in Wellington by following these steps:

  1. Complete the Silicone Send Back form here to let us know you are sending silicone in and provide your email address (so we can be in touch about your $10 credit)
  2. Pop the items into a recycled courier bag, postal envelope or box
  3. Make sure you label your box/bag/envelope correctly and send it back to us at Munch, 471 Adelaide Road, Berhampore, Wellington

When we receive your returned silicone we will sort and collate it all into 5kg parcels to send to the new silicone recycling processor in NZ.

In exchange for returning your silicone we will credit your Munch account with $10 to thank you for being planet-friendly and helping our environment.


Got a question? 

Check out our FAQ page here.

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Product Stewardship at Munch

The Munch team are proud to be leading the Silicone Send Back program. This is part of our product stewardship programme, which also includes taking back stainless steel and bamboo products no longer being used and returned beeswax wraps.

Silicone is a great material to use for any products touching food, for baby or for personal care products - it is stable and safe. Which is why, here at Munch, we use it for baby feeders, teething soother toys and food storage products. Silicone is made from silica- which is just sand! Making it a more eco and climate friendly material compared with plastic.

Silicone Send Back is supported by the Sustainable Business Network and The Aotearoa Product Stewardship Campaign. Munch is joined by other switched on NZ businesses participating in the Silicone Send Back project, including Again Again, Wa Collective, Caliwoods, Reusabowl and more.

Read more about the Aotearoa Product Stewardship campaign.

Get in touch with our team at Munch to find out more. 

We welcome enquiries from media or other NZ businesses using silicone.


Proudly supporting Product Stewardship