Star girl stand upWe love delving into issues and advocating for things we believe would benefit our communities. We believe that companies should work closely with communities to make our world better for each generation.  All companies big and small should look long term and really think about how they can contribute to communities and the environment.  Profit should be secondary. We are not a large company yet but we like to work from the heart and one that has children at the center of it.  We are not afraid to stand up for things we believe in here at Munch.

The Munch Food Awards


There are many great food companies that are doing fantastic work in the kids food arena.  So we believe that parents should reward those in the food industry who support our children’s health and discount those that do not. Annually we run the Munch Awards which raises awareness of the ‘goodies’ and the ‘baddies’ of the kids food industry.  The results for the following years are below on the links:


  • 2013 Munch Food Awards are found here
  • 2014 Munch Food Awards are found here
  • 2015 Munch Food Awards are found here
  • 2016 munch Food Awards are found here


    The specific issues we are involved with are those below.  If you are interested in these issues, let us know as we would love to work with you.

    General Advocacy

    Ideally a world without plastic
    Our Cupboard attempts to stock non plastic alternative items.  Where this is not possible our Cupboard ensures the plastic is BHP free.

    Minimal processing of food
    We attempt to create recipes that have minimal processed ingredients.

    Better labelling of food
    We write posts and help associated organisations to promote better labelling

    Irradiation or limit the availability of certain foods for our munchkins
    We have created the Munch Awards to raise awareness in this area.

    More fruit trees in schools
    We have worked with some community groups to help facilitate this.

    “When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die”.
    Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962) U.S. First Lady, Diplomat, Human Rights Activist

    “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world.  For, indeed, that’s all who ever have”.
    Margaret Mead (1902-1978) Cultural Anthropologist 
    * We do not always promote organic products due to the cost or ability to know for 100% that they are not green washed.
    **We are moderates, our kids do have sweets, chocolates and the occasional kiwi fish and chips.  But they are ‘sometimes’ food for our munchkins.  We also want to be seen as real parents and not fanatics!